Saturday, December 18, 2010

Your Majesty.

A quick notd. This normally wouldn't be my colour, I didn't buy this but I did raid my mums nail polishes! I spotted this and I just had to try it! At first I was like woah no wayyyy! But now I LOVE it! Its so rock chickerish.. is that even a word? No Jill.

Ok so on with the photos!

The photos do not do it justice atal! Seriously go check it out & buy it!

Rimmel London, I <3 Lasting Finish, 239 Your Majesty.

Pros -
Looks exactly the same colour on nails
Dries super quick!
Only needed 2 coats to get that harsh colour
Easy brush

Cons -
None other than hard to get a photo of!

What do you think of this colour?

Love & Kisses


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  2. You have a really cute blog (:

    Check out mine sometime if you ever get the chance!


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