Saturday, December 04, 2010

Guilty Pleasures

Shopping of course!!
I cannot go a day without thinking 'ooh I'd like to buy this or that' or 'i need to go shopping!' So today i went shopping after a busy week of work experience, my excuse was i ran out of facial moisturiser so of course me being me brought more than facial moisturiser of course!

Here's what i brought -

So here's what i originally went out for! It claims you see results within 1 day! Hopefully it helps to stop me breaking out in this freeezing weather!

Ok i know this lipstick is green buttt... it turns PINK! I was dragging my boyfriend around boots and he came across this in the middle of moaning 'can we go home yet?' He was amazed and told me i had to buy it! It turns a lovely pink, however i would say its more of a lip stain! I think this would be a great christmas present to see some shocked faces!

I hate bare nails! So for work i do try to tone down the nail's however I'm so bored of the pale pinks, and the clear nail polish look so i went for this one! L'oreal resist and shine.

I use the shampoo, conditioner & the hair treatment so i thought why not complete my collection of the 'herbal essences beautiful ends' hopefully this will condition my hair throughout the day in this cold weather! & keep them fly aways down!

If you'd like me to review any of the products just leave a comment & i will do them asap!

Love and Kisses
Jill xox


  1. Id love to know how the herbal essence products work! :-) x

  2. I shall do a review on the products asap :D xox


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