Friday, December 17, 2010

Smiles & Tears..

I saw this post on The Real Steph i thought it was an amazing idea as were are coming to the end of another year! And starting a new one ").

Best & Worst of 2O1O.

So i will start with the worst products I've tried this year!

Ok so i was brought this as a present last Christmas, which was from my lovely boyfriends mum and family, however this perfume does not do it for me. Its more of a harsh smell than a soft and floral one which i love love love!

My skin is usually pretty 'normal' I rarely get spots, only around the 'time of the month'. I've never really had a bad case of spots until i tried this product! I have no clue what happened I just broke out, which really upset me and knocked my confidence! This product i will never buy again!

I brought this product as it was advertised by the gorgeous Cheryl Cole, so I had to give it try. Baring in mind I'm not really a 'lipgloss girl'! But I suppose the advert sold it to me so I went against my thoughts and tried this lip gloss. This lip gloss is sticky, thick and gloopy. Loreal whats going on!?
I wouldn't say I have fine hair but I don't have thick hair. Despite this I LOVE big hair with a passion, back combing, body sprays, back comb sprays totally my thing! I have to give everything a try to get my desired big hair! I tried this product and was really not impressed! I think irl stick to the good old method of back combing -.-.

So theres my worst products of 2O1O! These may work for some people but not me! Let me know what didn't work for you this year!

Look out for the next post, Best of 2O1O!

Love & Kisses! xox


  1. Thanks for linking lovely! :)

    Victoria Beckham perfume though? Oh dear! haha. :) xx

  2. Your welcome! I know, i suppose its the thought that counts!



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