Wednesday, December 15, 2010

shine like a star.

I don't have a huge collection of nail varnish's but I though I'd share with you my collection. I usually throw out nail varnish's when they start to show signs of going gloopy, also when the lid gets nail varnished onto the bottle and its a struggle to open. How annoying.. I know?!

Elf Nail Polish
Left to right - Rosy raisin, Fire coral, Dark navy, Lilac, Dessert haze

Left to right -
No17 Lasting Fix Nail Polish - Royal Indigo
Barry M Nail Paint - 291 Cobolt Blue
No7 Speed Dry Nail Polish - 03 Beanie
LOreal Resist & Shine - (name rubbed of) Number is 395

Collection 2000 Hot Looks Fast Dry
Left to right - 32 BMX Bandit, 34 Hula Hoop, 5 Siren.

I also use Pretty Women nobite to ensure that I'm not nibbling on my nails, also Sally Hansen maximum growth daily nail treatment which i cannot sing enough praise for!

So there my nail varnish collection, i try not to keep to many opened at once as my draw gets full and I cannot find what I am looking for -.-

Can you recommend any winter nail varnishes?

Love & Kisses
Jill xox

P.S look out for a NOTD soon! xxx


  1. I think THE color of the moment is Baby blue (O.P.I. has a nice one)

  2. Thank you reyna!.. & I shall i have a look at baby blues ") xox

  3. I love the last 3 colours, they're so girly! x

  4. Lovely collection. Haven't tried the Elf nail polishes yet! XXX

  5. Thank you Nikkay they dry super quick to! a bonus!

    Mercedes you should definatly try them!!



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