Monday, December 13, 2010

review request's.

I've been asked to do a couple of reviews on a few of my products I've mentioned. So I'm going to keep them short & sweet so i don't bore you & ramble on ").

Herbal Essence Beautiful Ends Protection Cream

This cream makes my hair soo soft and shiny! I apply it when my hairs half dryish, and massage it into the ends of my hair. I use this most of the time I've washed my hair! Basically does what it says on the tin & doesn't break the bank! Thumbs up!

Vibe Straighteners

I've had these straighteners since last June so that just shows how long they last! They were a gift so I'm not sure of the price but I think there around £60? I'm not sure though! Soo.. To the review these straighteners have a heat dial so you can set the heat also you can turn the vibrations of. At first when I got them I was like woah... weird sensation but once your used to it its fine! They do the job, I prefer them to the GHD's i had (clumsy me, standing on them -.-) All in all thumbs up!

Garnier Fructis Volume & Hold Hairspray

So i buy a new hair spray every time i run out, I've never stuck to just one hairspray! I mainly use hairspray to hold curls, and my fringe! The smell of this hair spray is fruity but with the hairspray smell mixed so I'm not a fan of the smell. However it does hold volume & curls! I probably wouldn't buy this hairspray again but that's cause i buy a different one every time! If you know a good hairspray let me know and irl try it out!

(First Bottle)
I hope you found my reviews helpful. Another big big thank you to all my followers! ")

Love & Kisses
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