Friday, January 07, 2011

First Blog Award..

I was awarded this by a lovely follower Nikkay
Thankyou so much! And don't forget to check out her blog & follow!

The Rules.
1. Thank and link back who gave you the award 
2. Share 7 things about yourself
3. Answer 10 questions 
4. Pass it along to 7 beauty blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy
5. Leave your recipient a note telling them about the award 

7 things about me.
1. I watch the soaps religiously!
2. I spend more money than I should on clothes, makeup & all that jazz!
3. I love cheese! Cheese and biscuits the best thing ever.
4. I'm 5'7 and wish I was shorter!
5. I love night life and how everyone lets them self go.
6. I'm so moody when I'm tired! Let that be a warning :D
7. I hate fish!

10 Questions.
1. Favorite Colour?
Pink! Duh? ")
2. Favorite place to shop?
I love to shop in big shopping centres but then at the end of the day I'm sooo tired! I love to Internet shop but i HATE postage costs with a passion!
3. Favorite ever holiday?
Cyprus! I was about 12 and I can remember it being really hot that you had to wear shoes or your feet would kill from the heat on the floors! Plus I was mega tanned!! I also met some really lovely people! I love all holidays there all special memories.
4. Favorite Food?
I'm soo picky with food! But I love pickled onions! I love to eat plain rice and pasta! 
5. Why blog?
At first when i come across this whole thing i was more into watching YouTube and the beauty gurus, but I never had the confidence to talk to a camera! Blogging was the next best thing, theres no haters just love! Everyone following means alot to me!
6. Favorite Animal?
Hmm.. I like monkeys! But I'd like a micro pig!
7. Favorite Film?
I actually don't watch that many but i love chick flicks! I love Christmas films to there a must!
8. What colour is your room?
Black & White!
9. Whats a great memory?
My 16th birthday in Ibiza, partying like I shouldn't have been at that age but it was still a great time!
10. Whats your favorite MAC item?
Strobe cream! If you don't have it, get it. Simple! :D

7 blogs I love reading & award this to.
4. Nikkay
5. Suzi
7. Laura

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


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