Friday, January 28, 2011

SHOPPINGHAUL.. Picture Heavy!

I love shopping who doesn't? This haul is over the last week or so, I was in need of some good retail therapy!

First stop.. Lush!
The gorgeous bag always puts a smile on my face!


Look how gorgeous it looks! It smells sooo good! I really want to use it now but just know I'm going to need it when I have no motivation!

I also picked up a copy of the Lush times.. Flicking through it this caught my eye! I need this! This will look gorgeous when you have a tan on those gorgeous pins ").
 Next stop boots!
My hair cries out for this!

The smell is so gorgeous anything with coconut I love! I've brought a similar hair mask from superdrugs own brand and the pot is finished! So I thought I'd try this one out!

If you haven't picked up these nail varnishes yet then I suggest you go down to boots and take advantage of the offer! Buy two bottles of diet coke for £1.80 & then you can pick a free nails inc nail polish out of four colours! I picked up plum, and caramel! 

Malteaser bunnies. Yummy enough said?
 Then Matalan, I just love routing through their jewellery when its on sale!
I picked up these rose studs just because I love rose studs! They where around £1.20

These are going to be gorgeous in the summer!

And for £1.80 you cant go wrong!

Whilst in matalan I picked up this chiffon blouse! In the sale reduced from £14 to £2!

I love love love it!
Then onto dorothy perkins!
I picked up two of their dresses from the range 'lila'

So hard to photograph I hope you get the idea! I wanted this in black, I know I'm so boooring! This was just £10 reduced from £28!

This dress was even worse to photograph its a one shoulder dress and doesn't hang up with one of those things! (You know what i mean?) Anyway its similar to the red one but its a one shoulder dress!

This is the embellishment on the shoulder of the black dress!
Then onto H&M just to pick up a few basics!
Just a basic black tank top! £3.99

Then I also picked up a black body con skirt also £3.99. This would just not photograph!
Finally the last stop, Office!

These are gorgeeeous! I love love love heels! Ok I know they are sky high! And they are probably the most highest shoes i own! The heels are 6inches with a 2insh platform! I think I'm in love!

They where the last pair and they where £80 down to £20! This made me love them even more! Expect to see a broken leg soon!

Sorry the post is super duper long! I love reading hauls so I thought I'd share my recent buys with you!

Let me know what you thought of what I brought and if you have had any recent buys!?



  1. the Lila red dress is adorable, You should do a OOTD with it. and I must say I am jelous of all your high heels thats you snag.

  2. Thankyou hun! Im wearing it to dinner tomorrow I may just do an ootd! I can hardly walk in those heels but i just love them!


  3. Those heels are amazing!!
    And I love the earrings you got!
    That emotibomb from LUSH is great, you will love it!

    Andrée xx

  4. heyy btw I was wondering if you were ever insterested in doing a swap I would love to do one with you since it always seems you pick up the lovliest things.


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