Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nice & Easy

I'm all for home hair dying! I usually use brands such as Garnier, Loreal etc. But this time when I went to pick up my hair dye I opted for something different!

Shade 5 Medium Brown

Easy read instructions

Contents inside!
Im so excited to use this as it claims to be easy! I must admit I have been known to have patchy hair before because the bottle dyes are quite hard to master because you cant see the back!

Watch out for a review and before and after pictures! Maybe even some pictures whilst I'm using this dye if I can rope in the boyfriend to be camera man! ")

Love & Kisses

P.S - Let me know if you've used this! And if it really is easy?



  1. Oh I love Nice 'N Easy, it's actually my favorite hair dye (= I can't wait for this to be available where I live!

  2. Im sure it will be soon! I hope it lives up to the expectations!



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