Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was actually sorting out my makeup collection which didn't go to plan as I hardly threw away anything! Anyway onto the blog post!

I love love love BarryM Dazzle Dust but my god its so messy! I've spilt it a few times and it does go everywhere! It would be amazing if they did pressed shadows but it wouldn't be dust right?!

As I was going through my makeup I realised I had the same shade as a BarryM Dazzle Dust in shade 44 in a pressed eyeshadow from 17, there glitter collection.

Irl let the pictures talk forr themselves!

Barry M Dazzle Dust Shade 44
17 Glitter Shade CHALICE

If you hate the mess which Dazzle Dust seems to create here's your solution.

Sorry about the weirdness in this post I couldn't get my words out!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


  1. When I was going through my make up I found 7 pots of dazzle dust and they are all going to my mate. I think the pot is too small and yea it's so messy! If I open it just to see the powder it ends up on my fingers. It's a shame because the pigment and colours are great but it just seems to much hassle, maybe the powder can be decanted into another container but who wants to do that?


  2. I agree such a mess! There shades are gorgeous though!


  3. I agree, barry m dazzle dusts are so messy! i never wear eyeshadow but i have the dazzle dust in shade 44 and it's a lovely colour:) this a lovely post, i love finding dupes in my collection! xx


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