Thursday, January 27, 2011

Severn Hundred & Fifty Pennies?

Sadly my winter boots had worn down and had seen better days! However on the up side this gave me an excuse to buy some new shoes! I know springs coming and all that but its still winter and still freeezing cold in the UK! So I picked up some knee high boots for just £7.50.. Your all saying £7.50? The answer is yes! Reduced from £30! Amazing bargain if you ask me!

I love these boots! I'm so glad I picked them up! I've had knee high boots before and they just haven't cut it they always seem to fall down on my legs and before I know it I'm walking around with ankle boots! Anybody else have the problem? Anyway these boots do stay up as I find there tighter on my leg!

If you want to buy yourself a pair of these boots get yourself down to Matalan! They had a good selection of sizes in the store closed to me! Sadly the boots are not on the website :(! They also have an amazing jewellery sale which I could spend hour routing through!! Most is 70% off!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox

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