Monday, January 03, 2011

December Favs..

I thought i better do my favourites of last month as its now the 3rd of January and its 2011! I don't have that many favourites nothing has really been that 'amazing' that I've brought!

I always buy a different foundation rather than sticking to just one! I have no idea why I do that!? But this foundation is amazing! I do not have flawless skin and I will add no where near flawless, but this makes my skin look so soft and no redness comes through! It stays on pretty well to even if you are squirted with water -.-. Its hard to explain how it feels its a liquid but when your blending it in it feels silky almost like mouse! I don't know!!! But I know I love it!

This was a Christmas present and I use it everyday! It has a section of eye shadows, blushers, bronzers and lip gloss and they are all pigmented every single one! I was shocked to see how good they were! Right now these are half price in boots for £7.50! I love it so much!

Go and smell this perfume! I did have the intimately beckham perfume the one in the pink box I have no idea what its called and I hated it! I was quite reluctant to even think this perfume could be nice! When I smelt it I'd gone to heaven and back! I love it so much! Defiantly going to be wearing this like all the time!

That's it for last months favourites!

Sorry for the lack of posts over new years!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox

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