Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Midweek Mumblings.....

So just a quick post today as all i feel like I'm doing is coursework coursework! I feel like my life is just made up of coursework! So I've come to blog to relax and give a little update.

So today's summary.

- wake up & try my hardest to go back to sleep but I had college -.-
- arrive at college late, and could not find my tutor anywhere!
- finally find my tutor and class, then worked on computers all day doing 'coursework'. however i feel i did not achieve anything today!
- arrive home & literally die on my bed! i fell asleep for an hour! oops.
- watch the soaps whilst doing course work. (any one think the 'new' Ben from Eastenders is not anything like the 'old' Ben?!)
-more coursework.. blah blah blah
-lastly snuggle up with hot chocolate & blogging with course books next to me.. trying to ignore them ")

So i was on a gorgeous bloggers profile earlier just have a look and i spotted this picture! (right at the bottom of the page) 

I thought this hairstyle was absolutely amazing and looks so 'boho' if any of you make youtube videos, or know a link to this kind of hairstyle please please let me know I'd love to try this out! It looks super cute!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


  1. I saw this too! it is sooooo nice! I wouldn't have enough hair LOL

  2. Id love to try it out! it looks so cute! Just hope theres a youtube video! xox

  3. i love your blog! follow me, i am following you:)


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