Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Sleeps.

Christmas is getting closer and closer! I'm getting more and more excited! I actually can not wait now that all the decorations are up and all the presents are under the tree! I'm so glad I did my Christmas shopping early because not only do I hate shopping when its busy around Christmas such a nightmare, but at the moment I am so skint! Theres like a black hole sucking up my money!

I'm looking for some chunky glitter nail varnish! I've looked everywhere and I cant seen to find any. Does anyone know where you can get some from? I think I'm going to try a gradient nail tutorial! Look out for a NOTD soon ")

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


  1. I am so excited for Christmas! everyday I just think about how close its getting.

  2. I cant wait, im so excited it could be a white Christmas! :D x


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