Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Cher & Cheryl

Soooo most of you probably don't know that i went to school with Cher & am a childhood friend of hers. She came back today for a homecoming gig at the 3 Counties Show Ground!
It was great to see her again & have a quick chit chat with her!
Here are a few photos from outside her house, also her performing.

Heres a few photos i got (these are the only good ones!) to many people & there all blured!

Paps in her front garden! Crazy or what?!

Cheryl & Cher Performing on stage!
All of her fans from all over the country gathered here for her homecoming!
Cher was overwhelmed with the support she had from all the fans!

Who do you thinks going to win xfactor?


  1. That's so cool! Looked like a lot of fun! xx

  2. Freezing cold, but it was worth it :)


  3. personally can't stand Cher, she's not very good, and there are people out there a million times better! BUT I love one direction! I hope they win :) x

  4. I agree with @Cowbisuits :) I don't think cher can rap or sing to be honest, and i also want one direction to win.

  5. I hopeee matt cardle wins! One direction are amazing to :)



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