Wednesday, December 08, 2010

weekly loves

Loves -

* The pretty snow views also all the trees with ice on looks like winter wonderland. I LOVE it
* Eastenders & Corrie!
* Malteasers
* Wrapping up warm & being all snug and cosy
* Counting down to Christmas! ") YAY
* Shopping; I just cant get enough
* Knee high socks!
* Kerry Katona, I think shes amazing for whats she's doing. I wish her all the best in the future.

Hates -

* Freeeeezing cold weather
* Stupid icy paths -.- not a good look when your falling everywhere!
* Coursework, piles and piles... blaaaaah
* Gloves, there getting in the way to much.. but i need them otherwise my hands would be ice!
* Xfactor beingggg a complete fix
* Nude lipstick, be bright & bold its Autumn!

Let me know your loves and hates of this week! ")


  1. I like all those likes! They all sound amazing! xx

  2. Aww thanks hun :)
    thanks for following also

    Love & Kisses

  3. I love all your loves! :)
    I also hate nude lipstick too.. yay for bright bold lips!

  4. I also love wrapping up warm, especially under my big fluffy duvet :o)

  5. Hmm, let's see,
    Hates this week
    - People who visit blogs and leave angry comments
    - Nosy Parkers
    - Eating less chocolate
    - Aggresion against mall santas
    - Spending all one's money to oneself

    Loves this week
    - Blogging back old followers
    - Being patient for the sake of family love
    - Candy apples
    - Ribbons
    - Italian Greyhounds

    Lovely blog ! Have a nice day

  6. I lovee canday apples! Yummy!
    Thanks for checking out my blog!



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