Friday, December 03, 2010

my christmas wishlist!

Hmm.. christmas seems to have come round so fast dont you think? However, I think im ready for it! I've completed all my christmas shopping.. I dont know how, or why this early but I think its a bonus! I've even wrapped and labelled them all & know there hidden under my bed! :D

I'm so excited this christmas because of the snow! It gives a really nice wintery christmas feel!

Okokk.. think of me as wishful but i would really love the iphone4!

another on my wish list is these few items of clothing/shoes/accessories ..

1st up this orange bodycon skirt from ASOS!

Next this amazing ring! I would love to find this in my stocking :D this is also from ASOS.

These grey knitted ugg boots from river island! I'm over the whole original uggs I have a pair and hardly wear them! I think these are so cute, if there not under the christmas tree i think i might just purchase them :D

I hope everyone has an amazing christmas and gets what the asked for!
Lets hope its a white christmas this year!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


  1. ooh I wouldn't mind that ring in my stocking either!x

  2. its abit pricey though! £86! I wouldnt normally pay that for a ring :D xox

  3. ahaha, love your wish-list hun, some gorgeous stuff you've chosen... let's hope you get it all :)

    thank you for the review request, I will try my best to do it asap xxx

  4. fingers crossed! :) awwwh thanks chick xox


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