Friday, December 10, 2010

imperfections are perfections.

This tag is all over YouTube & Blogs so I though I'd give it a go! You know the tag right? .. My perfect imperfections!

First up what I love, well I wouldn't say what I love but what I like. Mouthful? ")

1# My teeth, I have had braces so my teeth are pretty straight, however i wouldn't mind them being sparkling white!

2# My eye colour, its not sparkling blue.. but my eye colour seems to change with the mood I'm in. It's weird, not a dramatic change! I'm not sure why all i know is that my Dad's does it to! My eyes are a hazel colour but can go from hazel, to green, and slightly blue ").

3# My long legs, I love nothing more than putting on a nice pair of heels & a body con skirt to show of them long legs! Of course fake tanned ;).

Things i dislike about myself and appearance.

1# Many people wont notice this but this bug's me every time i look in the mirror, a lazy eye! I admit its not even that noticeable, but i notice it so that counts right? No one has ever mentioned it but I'm conscious that its there!

2# My feet, your probably thing 'your feet?' It seems stupid but i would love to slip on a pair of size 3 or 4 heels and them fit nicely! But no i have to have size 6/7 feet! It annoys me so much don't ask why because i have no clue!

3# My hair, Ok so i don't dislike it always. But my mind is crazy one day its telling me cut it short, cut it short Jill, do it! The next day its saying grow it long, put in your extensions! I'm always debating blonde, or brunette.. I just cant decide. And I've never stuck with just one colour! Tell me what i should do? Helpppp!

So there are my perfect imperfections. I tag all of you! Link your blog below and I will check out your perfect imperfections ").

I must go and finish coursework now -.- however I'd much rather stay and ramble!


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  1. I have long legs too and I quess my feet size just comes with the legs. MY hair and i also hjave a love hate relationship but its something ive grown to like


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