Friday, December 03, 2010

let it snow.

Since I'm on a roll with blogs! I though why not blog about the maddest week?!
The snow!? This week has been so crazy, i had work experience all week which was a nightmare to get to as it snowed -.-!
To start with everyone was saying "oh were going to have 5inch's of snow this week!" my initial thought? .. pfftt.. this is November? we hardly get snow in the UK. So when it snowed i was shocked, then came the news reports! Snow all week? Chaos!
It is freezing cold.. With temperatures plummeting to minus 13! So icy and slipy! I need a sledge to get around on, all im doing is falling over!
This week has been amazing, amazing views, fun and laughter!

I've got some snowy pictures to share with you from these last few days! :)

- the river side.

- snowy rails!

- amazing snow on the trees!

not the best photography i know!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


  1. These are great pictures, I ♥ winter. Minus the freezing temperatures and slippery ice. Thankx for following my blog btw ;^)


  2. Thankx hun, Its okay ")



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