Friday, December 17, 2010

Smiles & Tears Take2.

Carrying on from my recent post of worst products of 2O1O.. Now my most loved products of 2O1O, ok so I had to think about this long and hard, because I've loved so so many products this year. All of these products I will definitely repurchase!

I've always skipped around foundations, just brought what people really rave about instead of looking for the foundation which suits my skin blah blah.. I heard everyone raving about Revlon Photoready foundation and my god I'm so glad I've brought it.. Where has it been all my life?! This foundation is not atal shiny and not 'glittery' as some people brand it! My skin type is combination skin so if you have the same skin, what are you waiting for?! £12 well spent! Rave over ")

I've always had really stubby little eyelashes. Which always really annoyed me as I would love nothing more than having gorgeous long eyelashes naturally. I was so reluctant to buy this product as I've purchased things like this before and nothing has ever come of it! I could not live without this mascara! So cheap but so so so amazing!

Most of you will read this and think 'you what?!' Ok so one of my favourites products of the year comes from Primark! I saw a review and thought wow I could save myself literally loads of money! All this year I have been using this product! It doesn't go orange, or streaky! I just love it! I could not find a picture of the actually fake tan, but this is the brand I also use this fake tan mit from Primark. I'm so lazy to take my own pictures ;)

My lovely boyfriend actually brought me this. Praise to him! I am really picky with perfumes but he got this just right! I wear this on a daily basis its so wearable. I've had many comments on how nice i smell, not that I normally smell bad, I hope ")! I hope I find some more in my stocking because I'm running out! Big thumbs down! Such a pretty bottle to!

Ok so there's my best & worst of 2O1O. Let me know yours!
I hope I didn't bore you to much!

Also I would like to wish all my followers and readers a Happy Christmas! 8 days, excited much!?... I'm such a little kid!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox


  1. my boyfriend bought me the Black XS perfume too! doesn't it just smell amazing! :)


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