Monday, January 31, 2011


I've seen this tag on a few blogs recently and I thought it would be an amazing way to get to know me and what things I love and appreciate in my life! So here it goes.. Every Monday I will post 10 things that I love, make me smile or things that make me smile!

My AMAZING boyfriend! He means the world to me!
My Family! Always there when you need then!
'You can choose your friends but not your family!'
Clubbing! I'm not sure what it is about it because I hate the morning after feel but the atmopshere on a night out is immense!
Summer nights when they feel like there never going to end!
Heels! My love for them is huge! P.s i need some of those ^ !
Shopping. Need a say anymore?
Singing & Music! God knows why because I cant sing!

Expressions! I love to see people smiling and their different expressions!
Traveling is something I have always wanted to and will do!
Fashion and style is key.

Until Next Time

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ok i know my outfit seems a little plain here but I didn't want to look to over the top as I had lace leggings on! And plus I was only going to a local Indian restaurant!

Face -
No7 Colour Calming Primer
Maxfactor True Match Foundation
Gosh Concealer
Sex & The City Palette Contour, Blush & Highlight

Eyes -
Rimmel Smokey Eyes Trio
Rimmel Lash Accelerator
Loreal Khol Brown Eyeliner

Lips -
BarryM Magic Lipstick
Clear Gloss

Outfit -
Leggings - Gift
Plain Black Tank - H&M
Belt - Matalan
Short Sleeve Cardigan - Peacocks
Black Heels - New Look

Jewellery -
Bracelet - Matalan
Ring - Primark
Necklace - Primark

Nails -
Nails Inc - Plum


Saturday, January 29, 2011

let the photos speak for themselves.

Gosh she is gorgeous! Red hair, tanned skin what more can a girl want?
One word. BEAUTIFUL.
She can pull anything off!

She is not only an amazing artist and singer but she is drop dead gorgeous!
Girl crush? To right!


Friday, January 28, 2011

SHOPPINGHAUL.. Picture Heavy!

I love shopping who doesn't? This haul is over the last week or so, I was in need of some good retail therapy!

First stop.. Lush!
The gorgeous bag always puts a smile on my face!


Look how gorgeous it looks! It smells sooo good! I really want to use it now but just know I'm going to need it when I have no motivation!

I also picked up a copy of the Lush times.. Flicking through it this caught my eye! I need this! This will look gorgeous when you have a tan on those gorgeous pins ").
 Next stop boots!
My hair cries out for this!

The smell is so gorgeous anything with coconut I love! I've brought a similar hair mask from superdrugs own brand and the pot is finished! So I thought I'd try this one out!

If you haven't picked up these nail varnishes yet then I suggest you go down to boots and take advantage of the offer! Buy two bottles of diet coke for £1.80 & then you can pick a free nails inc nail polish out of four colours! I picked up plum, and caramel! 

Malteaser bunnies. Yummy enough said?
 Then Matalan, I just love routing through their jewellery when its on sale!
I picked up these rose studs just because I love rose studs! They where around £1.20

These are going to be gorgeous in the summer!

And for £1.80 you cant go wrong!

Whilst in matalan I picked up this chiffon blouse! In the sale reduced from £14 to £2!

I love love love it!
Then onto dorothy perkins!
I picked up two of their dresses from the range 'lila'

So hard to photograph I hope you get the idea! I wanted this in black, I know I'm so boooring! This was just £10 reduced from £28!

This dress was even worse to photograph its a one shoulder dress and doesn't hang up with one of those things! (You know what i mean?) Anyway its similar to the red one but its a one shoulder dress!

This is the embellishment on the shoulder of the black dress!
Then onto H&M just to pick up a few basics!
Just a basic black tank top! £3.99

Then I also picked up a black body con skirt also £3.99. This would just not photograph!
Finally the last stop, Office!

These are gorgeeeous! I love love love heels! Ok I know they are sky high! And they are probably the most highest shoes i own! The heels are 6inches with a 2insh platform! I think I'm in love!

They where the last pair and they where £80 down to £20! This made me love them even more! Expect to see a broken leg soon!

Sorry the post is super duper long! I love reading hauls so I thought I'd share my recent buys with you!

Let me know what you thought of what I brought and if you have had any recent buys!?


'i keep on moving with the lights on'

I thought i'd share my outfit with you from last saturday night! Just the usual out on the town outfit! Sorry there not that amazing i really need to stop taking photos when I'm drunk!

Top - New Look
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Belt - New Look
Wedges (cant see) - New Look

Woaah okaay I didnt realise how drunk i was anyway the make up was just a smokey eye & pinks lips!

Dance mat.. Hell yeah?

I hope my drunkenness didnt put you off!

Love & Kisses


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Coca Cola.

Ok.. ok I know I'm late to jump onto the band wagon! So today I purchased 2 bottles of diet coke and picked up a FREE nails inc nail varnish in Caramel! This colour is bloody gorgeous! I don't have a nude like this! This is defiantly going to be my perfect nude for this summer! Amazing coverage even with just one coat!

Talk about perfect nude right?

Go to boots pick yourself up two bottles of diet coke for just £1.80 and get your self a free nail varnish! Or maybe you have already taken advantage of this offer?

Love & Kisses
Jill xox

Severn Hundred & Fifty Pennies?

Sadly my winter boots had worn down and had seen better days! However on the up side this gave me an excuse to buy some new shoes! I know springs coming and all that but its still winter and still freeezing cold in the UK! So I picked up some knee high boots for just £7.50.. Your all saying £7.50? The answer is yes! Reduced from £30! Amazing bargain if you ask me!

I love these boots! I'm so glad I picked them up! I've had knee high boots before and they just haven't cut it they always seem to fall down on my legs and before I know it I'm walking around with ankle boots! Anybody else have the problem? Anyway these boots do stay up as I find there tighter on my leg!

If you want to buy yourself a pair of these boots get yourself down to Matalan! They had a good selection of sizes in the store closed to me! Sadly the boots are not on the website :(! They also have an amazing jewellery sale which I could spend hour routing through!! Most is 70% off!

Love & Kisses
Jill xox

found the love?

This month I've discovered some products I have fell in love with! I've tried all these products before and obviously forgot how amazing they where! Do you have any you have found the love for recently?

I've used this product since it was first launched and I have to say it does what it says on the tin! Well tube! Anyway this is the new edition to Lash Accelerator Mascara in Extreme Black! This makes my lashes long, and honestly I have to say this one is more dramatic than the usual black! Perfect for smokey eyes!

I've tried this foundation before but as usual I always switch my foundations as I've never stuck to just one foundation! I tried this again last week and I think I'm in love. I can build this up to light coverage or heavy! I just sweep this all over my face! Without concealer and I must say it looks natural!

Bourjios effect 3D! My friend actually passed this onto me as she said she hated it! I love it! Its a gorgeous pinky peach with shimmer in! It is so true to colour in the tube! I wear this everyday bearing in mind I am certainly not a gloss kinda girl! Its not sticky or way to in your face! This is shade 41 if any of you would like to try this!

Sorry for the lack of posts! Coursework has just been piling up, everyones birthday seems to have come around and I'm still ill from about 2, 3 weeks ago! Stupid chesty cough! I really need to go to the doctors but I just don't have time!

Expect lots more posts because I think I may just have a duvet day!