Wednesday, February 02, 2011

update. & a cup of tea xo

Whilst sitting here with a lovely cup of tea and biscuits I thought Id update you all on what I have been doing and what is coming up!

Last night I got insured on my car I passed my test in November and brought my car a week ago! So excited but its so scarrrry!

Today I'm so excited me and a friend are going to have lash extensions! I'm hoping there fine and they look thick and long! My lashes are little stubs :(.

Tomorrow is the day for the CHOP! Eek. What shall I have my hair like? I really can't decide I'm so useless!

Then Saturday I'm off for a big girls night out! For a friends birthday! I may do a OOTN! ").

Until Next Time

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  1. I was just enjoying a lovely cup of tea also. What kind of car did you get? Cant wait to see your hair after!


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