Tuesday, February 01, 2011

the chop.

Just to update my gorgeous followers I'm going for the chop Thursday morning!  Verrry VERY scared! I've never really been that wild with my hair my hairs always been brown or blonde! I've dabbled in extensions, highlights, flashes of colour in the hair and that's about it!

I usually ask for nothing of the length because I've always dreamed of hair down to my bum but my hair just does not grow! Anyhow i usually just get lots of layers and trim of my side fringe!

This time I'm going for the bob! But which style i still don't know! I'm a bit scared because I really don't want short shorrrt hair at the back!

A few of the hair cuts I'm umming and arring over are....

What do you think? I've posted something along the lines of this before but never went through with a bob!

Shall i go for it? Which photo do you like best?


Until Next Time


  1. All of those r really nice but the best one is defo the first one i think or the second one xoxo

  2. The first ones gorgeous, but probably the scariest to go for! Also the last one is lush :) xx

  3. The first is my favourite but it's also the shortest! I'm sure you'll look great! Good luck!
    Zoe x
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  4. Thankyou all for all of your comments! So scared! x


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