Wednesday, February 23, 2011

new found love.. with a bruised bum

This post is not related to beauty of fashion its more 'keep fit' post.. Anyway straight onto the post.. My new found love is ice skating!

We have recently gained a ice rink locally and lost a bowling alley, before going ice skating i would have to travel at least an hour each way boohoo! The last time i went i must have been around 12!

I was so excited! I went with my boyfriend and a few mates, ok i thought i could skate maybe not..! When i first stepped on the ice i was all over the place! I was like woah, weird sensation! Eventually i got the hang of it with everyone speeding past me, may i add i am not very good with corners ").

Bruised bum? YESS. Bruised knees? YESS! I suppose that's all part of the trial and error!

I'm going again tomorrow night! & I think I'm addicted great fun and a great work out for your legs.. I suppose if you don't spend half your night on your bum ")

Until Next Time xo

P.S great respect for the celebs dancing on ice!

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