Thursday, February 24, 2011

'forget about the price tag'

Payday has passed and I now have an empty bank and some goodies on the way in the post! I'm really lazy and love online shopping.

Here is some of the things i am expecting in the post!

First EVER MAC purchase! So excited! Swatches and what i think as soon as it hits my door mat! May i add the 'perfect' summer shade this is going to be!

TANTANTAN.. Cannot live without tan! Everybody uses this tan! I normally use the primark fake tan because i love it! But i opted for this! I will let you know what i think!



  1. That lip colour is gorgeous!
    I love online shoppping too - I get excited when the parcels are delivered!
    Zoe x
    Please taken a look a my blog, Diamond Solitaire, here!

  2. Im also awaiting a MAC deliver arriving, it really is the best kind and gets dangerously addictive :)

    I love ST Moriz, I dont use anything else now xxx


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