Thursday, February 03, 2011

Eyelash Extentions.

I am in LOVE with these lashes.
nuff sed?

The procedure -

Sticky pads are stuck underneath your eye to hold down your lower eyelashes to ensure that your eyes do not get stuck together.

Next the lovely lady will start to prime the lashes and brush through them etc.

Then the procedure begins, it takes around an hour and a half to complete. Your eyes are fully closed and it will not hurt! Starting by separating the lashes, and adding a single lash on to each individual eyelash with glue!

Once your all done you just have to rest for 5 minutes before you open your eyes!

How to care for your lashes -

Within the first  forty eight hours you should not wear mascara or get the lashes wet. (Pictures above, no mascara only lower lashes)

Do not curl the lashes

Do not use oil based make up remover

Treat them gently e.g no rubbing, picking etc.

The lashes are amazing! It does not in anyway feel like I am wearing any sort of eyelashes! I defiantly think I am going to be a regular! The lashes will last 2-4 weeks dependent on the treatment! I well defiantly update you as time goes on as too how my lashes are doing!

                                                        Until Next Time.


  1. Your lashes look soooo good!

  2. Wow theyre impressive :) how much did it cost, if you dont mind me asking? xx

  3. £10 hun! It was a friend who qualified but i think they do them in salons for somewhere around £60! Im really not sure! Some places do £1 a lash but that would work out expensive! xox

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