Thursday, February 03, 2011

sharing my bargains of the week. xo

Right now you can pick these up in new look for £7 which is pretty good seeing as i live in leggings and jeggings! There are also ones with zips on the side currently selling for £3 in the sale BARGAIN?..

I have wanted to try this concealer for sooo long! But with it being £16.50 I just never got round to purchase it! I finally have but of course I didn't pay the full £16.50 I payed around £4 including p+p! Just
click here to see where I got it! I can feel a review coming on already!

Finally the final thing is the final sales! Ok did I just say final about 3 times? In the sales you can find reduced items that have been reduced 2 or 3 times! I know its frustrating when they only have a few left of a thing you want and its not your size but that's the way the boat rocks! Just move on to the next thing ")!

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