Wednesday, April 06, 2011

where have i beeen!? & massive update!!

I have been soo busy with course work, working and just everything really! I'm deffo going to get back into the swing of blogging just bare with me! Ive got loads to share and post its just getting round to it but i still do read blogg all the time!


# Me and Sam have booked a holiday to Ibiza! Just the both of us! Sooo excited to go but scared at the same time as Its my first time away from my family on my own!

# I've started Weight Watchers! Actually last week and my weigh in was today i was so so scared but i lost... 5 and 1/2!! I'm so happy and hoping to lose 2 stone before i go away!

# I missed blogging.. but had no time to blog! I also miss watching YouTube videos Ive watched a couple but have just had no time!

Loads of posts coming soon! Sorry for being away & thank you for staying with me!

Lots Of Love
Jill xox


  1. well done honey! & I bet you have a great time on holiday x

  2. 5 and 1/2? wow! can you give me some tip that really help you to lose weight? i desperately need them ! =)

    please come by and say hi !:)


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